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Mixed Media Artist

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Sarah Howarth Mixed Media Artist

Sarah is a versatile artist, exploring a variety of themes and style, using mixed media. She is an experienced designer / maker of hand sculpted, award winning mirrors, which are complemented by newly developed paintings and illustrations.

Sarah graduated from UCE in 1992 with a BA Honours Degree in Interior Design. Originally from Lancashire where she ran a successful business making handcrafted mirror frames for over five years. More recently after moving to Coventry Sarah has continued to develop her work whilst teaching Art and Design within Further Education. She continues to make her mirror designs, which have been successfully exhibited through trade and retail events. At her debut trade event her company Pulp Productions won Craftsman magazines “Best newcomers award”.

New Start

Sarah is now a mother of two, and after a break of a few years She is returning to develop and expand her craft. Sarah's work is available on line via commission.  Sarah is also exhibiting at a number of Craft shows throughout the UK and in a small number of retail outlets.

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